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Impressionist Artist and Author

The Secret Garden

January 11th, 2012

Blogging Memories ~ we will be traveling through my paintings of the British Isles, then to Europe and the United States. I hope you will enjoy the journey as I share the memory of my many paintings from the Art Gallery of my Website.

Today we visit the beautiful Hoghton Tower Gardens.

Michael and I awaken to a beautiful morning in Lytham and decided a day trip was the order for the day. The drive to Hoghton Tower was filled with brilliant sunshine and soft floating clouds cradled by a timid breeze. What we thought was to be  a day of quiet stroll through the lavish gardens turned into a fun filled local fete.

Vendors filled the gardens with their local wares. I bought lavender lotions and creams in stunning cobalt bottles. A small musical ensemble played while we munched on scones and drank hot tea in proper tea cups. It was all so very English and we loved every minute of the revelry. We decided to shop early for Christmas gifts and found a woolen merchant and bought delicately woven jumpers (sweaters).

After a bit, while Michael talked with a brass merchant, I began to wander the walled garden. The rampart intrigued me as I followed the stately wall, marveling the antiquity of the fortress. I realized how large the walled garden was as I walked the various rooms of open garden protected by the stately stone walls. While the festivities continued I found solace while images of Mistress Mary conjured up author Frances Hodgson Burnett’s description of her cherished “Secret Garden”.

Then I found it, I found the garden gate!  Pulling paper and pen from my tote I wrote the poem “The Secret Garden” found in my book “Come Walk With Me”~ A Poetic Journal. Quickly flipping the page I began to sketch and noted the colors and the way the sun played creating shadows that must be captured without delay. I then photographed and with permission from the estate, painted with awe what I interpreted as my impression of the Secret Garden.

The Secret Garden©-Original painting

 “Secret Garden”©, Hoghton Tower Gardens, Lancashire, England- My painting found on my website  art gallery/gift shop for giclee print.

“Hoghton Tower, a Grade I listed building,  is the ancestral home of the de Hoghton family. The de Hoghton’s are descended directly from Harvey de Walter, one of the companions of William the Conqueror, and through the female line from Lady Godiva of Coventry, wife of Leofric, Earl of Mercia.

Since its re-creation in 1565 by Thomas Hoghton this ancient, fortified, hilltop manor house has retained its Tudor-Elizabethan character and construction in its entirety.

The Tudor gardens, wilderness lawn and rose gardens decorated with ornate stone fountain are a photographer (Artist) dream. Clipped yews lead to ramparts ~ castellated walls and fairytale turret with commanding views across Lancashire, the Lake District and North Wales.”

Hoghton Tower is the only true baronial residence in Lancashire, England. For more information visit their **

**Factual information is taken from the stated website.

Cheers, Beverly

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