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Impressionist Artist and Author

“After the Rain”

February 16th, 2012

Blogging Memories ~ We will be traveling through my paintings of the British Isles, then to Europe and the United States I hope you will enjoy the journey as I share the memory of my many paintings. The paintings blogged are taken from the Art Gallery on my website.

Today we are traveling in England; Southwest through the grandeur of Devonshire.

“After the Rain”
Devon, England

A weekend trip to Cornwall brought picture postcard beauty as we traveled through Devonshire.  Another trip to Devonshire was also on the planning board as it has so much to offer – from the heathland to the cliffs, and the beaches of Torbay.  Inland is Dartmoor, a National Park.  This is the land of the ‘heatherclad moorland” which was made famous in the Sherlock Holmes mystery, “The Hounds of the Baskervilles”.

A cloudy, misty morning much like weather in our home state of Washington brought a limited view of the surrounding countryside.  The Lorries (trucks) crowded the motorway and brought unsettling anxiety, prompting a tea break followed by a side trip out through the countryside.  The summer’s morning began to lighten as did our spirits.  We drove past many charming thatched roof cottages with lush gardens and pruned hedges, and on through open fields of velvet green sweeping with yellow gorse following the curvature of the land.

Then, suddenly, the clouds opened and the sun shone through and I yelled “Stop! Stop!”  My husband being the calm and settled kind of gent, slowed the car and asked if I would like to turn around?  Living with an artist, he knew that there was perfectly good reasoning behind my hysteria.  The clouds had opened and the sun was shining on a thatched cottage with lovely gardens and the largest rose hedge I had ever seen!  With camera in hand, I approached the drive, and a lady in a yellow slicker came walking toward me.  I exclaimed something to the notion that I was a painter and would it be okay if I photographed her beautiful garden to paint?  I remember a smile, then a raised eyebrow and she said, ‘not until I take cover’.  Grateful for her kindness, I know just where she hides behind the rose hedge.

My sister, Jeanette, amorously refers to this painting as the “lady behind the roses”.  I reminiscently call it “After the Rain”.

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