Beverly Hooks Impressionist Artist and Author

Impressionist Artist and Author

A Move and a New Teaching Program

October 25th, 2013

We are waking up in a new home surrounded by boxes galore!  Why does it take more time to unpack than pack? Perhaps it’s all the dish washing and finding a new place for every item. Remember Bewitched? I could sure use a bit of nose twitching to get this place settled. I know, I know – give it time, no hurry.  And the extreme rush of meeting the deadline for the moving trucks is over.

We moved to the beautiful little town of Allyn, Washington; and other than a stormy September, which we so boldly conquered, awaking to all the autumn foliage and lazy fog is pretty amazing!

I am working on a new teaching program.  In January I will be holding art and painting workshops at the Theler Community Center in Belfair. We are working out all the details now, and you will soon be able to see the information on my website.

Guess I know why the boxes are still sitting… a girl’s got to have priorities, and other than my husband it will always be ART!


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