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Impressionist Artist and Author

Road Trip!!

September 24th, 2014

Road trip!! This artist just returned from a 2,555 mile round trip, delivering seven commissioned paintings to the loveliest family in Durango, Colorado. Have you ever driven a U–Haul 1,277 miles with only paintings in the back attached to the front and sides and no real weight to steady a U-Haul over some of the bumpiest roads and interstate in the nation? Well, it was a blast!!

The real joy for me is, always, witnessing the faces of my clients when they first see their new commissioned paintings. Painting and writing are my passions, but there is something delicious about commission work. This commission began with a preliminary visit to Durango to measure drywall for their new, ever so beautiful, home; and to discuss subjects, color, composition and then come home and put it all together. My sincere thanks goes to this wonderful family for this incredible opportunity and for embracing my style of expression.

Since I had been commissioned the framing as well, I contacted my artist friend, Derek Gundy (also manager of Artist’s Edge in Poulsbo, Washington) who stretched custom canvases and worked with me on framing. I am so happy to report the framing was faultless, both in perfection and a beautiful fit for my client’s extraordinary home.

Colorado boasts being ‘the Color State’. This is true, not only in its name but exhibited through the vibrant aspens and amazing Rocky Mountains. The aspen color is especially exciting in the autumn and the primary subject of my paintings, along with a few paintings from the great Pacific Northwest. Here’s a sneak preview of the day we hung paintings…..

Hanging the painting

Painting on the wall

To see my commissioned paintings, visit my Commissions page.

I once heard actor Liam Neeson comment on what an absolutely beautiful country in which we live. The diversity of this great country is amazing. If you live on the west coast you may have traveled from western Washington over the Cascades, then diagonally southeast to Durango. Durango is such a gorgeous city encompassed by mountains. My client’s emphasis was on the La Planta Mountains as well as the full color of the aspens, as seen in the painting above.

This was our first trip in this direction and what beauty lies in its vast domain. Our trek crossed the breath taking Cascade Mountains into the wine country and orchards of Washington. We ambled up the beautiful Blue Mountains and high desert of Oregon crossing the mighty Columbia River into the vast ranches and green farmlands ready for harvest in Idaho. We drove through Utah’s Castle Country but were unable to spend time in the dazzling Red Arches National Park or the Canyonlands National Park because there were no rooms available in Moab, Utah. They were all booked – sold out all week and weekend. This is one area you might want to check out to visit! We called ahead and drove another 118 miles to find a hotel to take the last room.

This trip reminded me of a previous cross country commissioned trip to up-state New York –  the urgency to reach the designated stopping point for the evening, the long hours of driving, and finally reaching the destination and the joy of meeting with new clients, composing and painting their dreams.  Then comes the relaxing trip home, checking out the spots when only days before we reluctantly hurried past. The beauty of the American landscape transitioned before my eyes, over mountains and plains and more mountains all so exciting, not to mention the preserved history waiting for our discovery.  Again I say what an astounding country!  I feel like Diana Shore singing “See the USA…in a Chevrolet”. I remember as a small child holding a hair brush singing at the top of my lungs or perhaps now “How artist will travel” with a paint brush in hand.

Life continues to be busy and fruitful; I will teach art classes this January 2015 at the Northwest Salmon Center in Belfair, Washington. For information and to register please check back soon.

Targeted in time for Christmas this year is my first illustrated children’s book. Please stay tuned for more information in the weeks to come.

Cheers – until we meet again!


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