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“Autumn Serenity” Giclee Print Offer and Recipe

August 31st, 2016

Beverly Hooks Impressionist Artist

 Special Sales Offering!

                           Autumn Serenity

  Item# AS2420

“Autumn Serenity” – Hawkshead, Cumbria, England

18″ x 24″     Giclee Print on Canvas

$99.00 Limited Time Special offer (+s/h)

Giclee regularly priced at $330.00 (US dollars)

Original acrylic painting, 24×20, $1,385.  Original not for sale.



After a scrumptious lunch in a historical Tea Room and a promise to return for afternoon tea and their celebrated ‘Little Sticky Toffee Pudding’, we walked from the village of Hawkshead to Hill Top Farm, Beatrix Potter’s home.

The road, a very narrow two lanes B or C road was without shoulders; heaven forbid two cars meet while making our way to Hill Top Farm. Either a stoned wall on one side or the ditch full of grasses and weeds were tiresome as we stepped aside for travelers to the English countryside; so when an opening presented itself as a safe haven we took it and to our pleasure were greeted by autumn’s full grace and peaceful grazing sheep. One in particular who decided to take notice of us greeted with a gentle baaa.  It was October magic and the serenity encompassed us and we lingered before reaching Hill Top Farm………..which is another story.

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If you would like the recipe for “Little Sticky Toffee Pudding”, here’s your chance.

This recipe was given to me by a dear friend, Mary from Lytham, England.

To make Gluten Free, substitute flour for Namaste’s GF Perfect Flour Blend, or Bob’s Red Mill Complete Flour Mix – Enjoy!



This is as wicked as it sounds, A truly delectable combination of flavours and textures which are light and melt in the mouth.   I would choose this as a Christmas or New Year dinner-party dessert, as the puddings freeze well and are no trouble to re-heat.


3 oz (75 g) butter, at room temperature
5 oz (150 g) caster sugar

2 eggs, size 2, beaten

6 oz (175 g) self-raising flour, sifted

6 oz (175 g) stoned dates, chopped

6 fl oz (175 ml) boiling water

teaspoon vanilla essence

2 teaspoons coffee essence

teaspoon bicarbonate of soda


6 oz (175 g) soft brown sugar

4: oz (UG g) butter

6 tablespoons double cream

1 oz (25 g) pecan nuts, chopped


Chilled pouring cream

You will need eight 6 oz (175 g) metal
pudding basins (see page 219) or eight
3 inch (7,5 cm) ramekin dishes, lightly

oiled with groundnut oil, a Swiss-roll tin;
and a baking sheet.


Begin by putting the chopped dates in a bowl and pouring boiling water over them. Then add the vanilla, coffee essence and bicarbonate of soda, and leave on one side. Next in a large mixing bowl, cream the butter and sugar together, beating (preferably with an electric hand whisk) until the mixture is pale, light and fluffy. Now gradually add the beaten eggs, a little at a time, beating well after each addition. After that carefully and lightly fold in the sifted flour using a metal spoon, and then you can fold in the date mixture (including the liquid).   You’ll probably think at this stage that you’ve done something wrong, because the mixture will look very sloppy, but don’t worry: that is perfectly correct and the slackness of the mixture is what makes the pudding so light.  Now divide the mixture equally between the eight containers, place them on a baking tray and bake in the centre of the oven for 25 minutes.

When they’re cooked, leave them to cool for 5 minutes then, using a cloth to protect your hands, slide a small palette knife around each pudding and turn it out. If they have risen too much you may have to slice a little off the tops so that they can sit evenly on the plate . Now place the puddings on a shallow, Swiss roll-type, tin. Next make the sauce by combining all the ingredients in a saucepan and heating very gently until the sugar has melted and all the crystals have dissolved.

To serve the puddings: pre-heat the grill to its highest setting, and pour the sauce evenly over the puddings.   Place the tin under the grill so the tops of the puddings are about 5 inches (13 cm) from the heat (knock off any nuts on the top to prevent them browning) and let them heat through for about 8 minutes.   What will happen is the tops will become brown and slightly crunchy and the sauce will be hot and bubbling. Serve with chilled pouring cream – and sit back to watch the looks of ecstacy on the faces of your guests.   Enjoy!

NOTE: After freezing, defrost, pour the hot sauce over and re-heat.


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