Beverly Hooks Impressionist Artist and Author

Impressionist Artist and Author

New Gallery – Collective Visions Gallery

March 27th, 2017

I am excited to be juried as a new artist in Collective Visions Gallery (CVG) in downtown Bremerton, Washington. Check out my work and the other talented artist at

Collective Visions Gallery is an association of West Sound Professional Artist working together to expand awareness of and make available for purchase contemporary visual art. CVG holds an active and prestigious presence in the community opening its doors November 1, 1994. CVG employs many exhibitions, lectures, concerts, workshops and special events.

One such event – “Ars Poetica” ~ opens as our featured show April 7th at First Friday Art Walk. Our Special Event is April 9th at 1:00

Ars Poetica & Visual Art

It’s that time of year when the voice of Ars Poetica translates to the visual! Ars Poetica is a historical jewel from the Latin, meaning “The Art of Poetry”, a title of a poetical epistle written about 20 BC by the Roman poet, Horace. In his Ars Poetica, he wrote, “The making of a poem is like that of a painting,” – “Painters and poets alike have always had license to dare anything. We know that, and we both claim and allow to others in turn this indulgence.” …..And today the beat goes on as we celebrate the 6th year of this collaboration originating with Collective Visions Gallery. 2017 brings 108 juried poems from Kitsap, Mason and Jefferson counties, interpreted by both independent and gallery-associated artists in their chosen medium.

You are invited to this annual event to delight in the readings by the poet while viewing the interpretative renderings by the visual artists. Come and experience the cooperative talent while meeting the various artist. Hope to see you there!

My contribution to Ars Poetica follows ~

“Blissful” Mt Si – original Painting by Beverly Hooks

A Poem by Elizabeth Dills

“Secondary Roads”

A brown curled leaf skids

across the old highway like a

miniature sled racing

as if Vivaldi

playing on the car radio

mused it so.

The downward flow of

Mt. Si’s snowy veins

materializes the aging mountain,

acknowledges her longevity.

Rampant schedules

of time and clocks thrill

small beings like us who

scoot under cover from the rain,

light fires

and find our brief significance

softly appealing

among this weighty mass.

It’s all here if we can find it

before we go.

My second interpretation:

“Tranquility” an original Painting by Beverly Hooks


A poem by Jennifer Coates

“A Love Poem”

Hello, sweet day. I greet you

wearing only my arrival, the

moments before having released me

into light and air that we

drink together. One might

think the kissing

of spring through each

other’s lips too close, but this assumes

we are different, you and I,

that each comes from

a distinct flutter

of the common heart. What if we

are only this meeting beneath

words that will be

misunderstood, and so

can choose now

not to say them?

I am the sun

on my face, buds alive with

the song of new birds, the softest

breeze that won’t be caged.

And so are you.


You can find my original Work, Special Sales offers, Prints, Note Cards and my book “Come Walk With Me” on my website,

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