Beverly Hooks Impressionist Artist and Author

Impressionist Artist and Author

Chateau de Pravins

March 9th, 2019
Beaujolais Villages, Burgundy, France
20 x 16 Original Acrylic
Giclée Print Available

Hi, Beverly Hooks here and I hope you enjoy my new painting “Chateau de Pravins,” it was a fun historical location to paint. Please follow my website for more information regarding purchasing the original work or a beautiful Giclée Print.

Established in 1251 the Chateau de Pravins sits on 6 hectors (2.5 acres) in the beautiful Region of Burgundy, France. In cooperation with the Beaujolais Villages, 57 acres produce Chardonnay grapes, along with a variety of red and white wines and beautiful champagnes in the fertile and organic vineyards.

The Chateau de Pravins offers a restored 5 star hotels, a place to relax and enjoy the village wineries.

Isabella Brossard is the current owner/operator since 1998. Restoring all the buildings to its 1251 original character, that my friends is 768 years of history. A brief historical count caught my attention straight away, especially the historical ability to maintain the independent free-hold status from the time of Charlemagne. The founding family, La Bessee Villefranche has called the area home since 1200 and have produced handmade wines ever since. In the 17th century the winery passed to the Gaspard’s cousins, the Marguis Damas d’Antigny. (for more historical information google the Marguis Damas d’ Antigny and more about the winery today at Chateau de Pravins.)

Oh, how I wish I had taken the photos for this painting. Many thanks to my friend and student Leslie for sharing her trip and tour of France and for sharing her photos with our Painting Class. The Chateau de Pravins ranks high on my must see list.

Cheers or perhaps Salute,

Beverly Hooks

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