Beverly Hooks Impressionist Artist and Author

Impressionist Artist and Author


May 14th, 2019
New Original Acrylic Painting – “The Essence of Spring”
Original is not for Sale
20 x 16 Giclée Print on Canvas or Water Color Paper
is available at Shop Gallery

“The Essence of Spring”

The timid sun elbows the crouching clouds

bringing new light upon the sleepy morn.

Outside, my window set ajar, I hear

the chuckle of a robin call.

The pale light spreads, the clouds dismissed,

And there sits in arms well stretched

the essence of spring, a robin’s nest.

Joining the chirp of Robin free,

a song bird connections the chorus.

And as my feet touch the waiting floor my eyes

catch floating wing just outside in shadows alluring.

It’s Spring, it’s Spring! I shall not waste the day,

but welcome the warmth, the light and

consume the marrow of the season.

                                                        Free Verse – Poetry
Beverly Hooks

                Hello friends, family and clients (it’s odd to say clients, because I consider my clients as my friends).

                I hope you enjoy my new painting and poetry, “The Essence of Spring”. I have decided to keep this painting in my private collection as it is very special to me. It is about new beginnings and new hopes.

                I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I have been told it is aggressive and thankfully the doctors are moving quickly. I am asking for your positive thoughts and prayers for my family and me. I know that God is all Powerful and His greatness has caught my every tear just as He catches yours. And with His strength I will be strong again physically, emotionally and spiritually.

So, my new works (paintings) may be limited for a bit, until I get back on my feet and back in front of my easel. My art classes are cancelled for this healing period. If you wish to contact me privately, please use my email address.

I wish you a wonderful and happy late Spring and Summer.



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