Beverly Hooks Impressionist Artist and Author

Impressionist Artist and Author

Commissioning an Original

Many people like the idea of commissioning work from a living artist and I am pleased to offer my work for your consideration.

My web site gives you the chance to "meet the artist" so to speak, and by visiting my Art Gallery, you will, I hope, want an original art piece for your home.

Over the years I have been commissioned by many people who have asked to recapture a memory, reclaim a moment or paint an expectation.

I enjoy my commission work, as I get particular enjoyment from the client's reaction when the piece is completed. To me my work is my passion; to the client it is "a priceless memory".

All commissioned pieces require 1/3 down; monthly payments are available. Balance due upon completion, before shipment. A professional photo will be emailed or post mailed directly to you for approval. Reproduction of commissioned work is at the sole discretion of the client. All commissions must be discussed with artist, Beverly Hooks before accepted. Beverly Hooks © copyright applies.

To describe your original commission painting, please contact me by phone (360-649-4530) or email. Include your phone number with all emails.

Please visit my Originals Gallery page to view a representation of my commissioned pieces.

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